Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So I checked on Randi, No attacking far..
I hear the wedding shower is on again...
AFTER someone so adamantly declared NO SHOWER...
thru a series of emails back and forth with Lanita..
Here is something from one of her last ones....LOL
**Tell them an alarm system is only about $39/month. Crystal and Marc have one, but they keep the alarm turned off because the roommate cones in at odd hours and it is just too much of a hassel to remember the code, etc. So the last time Marc was out of town, Crystal called the police because she heard "someone" come in and the dogs were barking and acting scared. She called Marc and the police - Marc called the roommate because Crystal didn't know where he was. Turns out, the roommate was in the kitchen making a sandwich and he was the "someone" she had heard.**
We miss our Grandson
We miss Amber
We miss Eric
I really really need to get to making baby quilts, got Justins invite in the mail today
Filled out the Census....Called Randi told her to fill out A & E's with her living there, cuz don't think they will be home before it's susposed to be mailed.
Well it's 10 pm and Ran has not called Yet...
In case she does get to sleeping...

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