Sunday, April 18, 2010

I wished it was....less time consuming to upload pics from camera to computer. It's easy..simple..Just takes to dang long for me...grrrrrrrr.
ah well..
Kids Durango, they were trying to sell to buy new vehicle, got broke into yesterday....some idiot trying to steal it.
Hopefully won't take too much or to long to fix and sell. AND they get loan on Monday for new vehicle. It's always something.
Had a great time with Ran on saturday shopping for a chest.
Found this really cool old steamer trunk at an estate sale...should have taken pics...Would have bought it , ...mayhaps is why they were trying to sell it.
Randi's a
She is so wasted at her current job...and I think what she has decided to go to school aint her either...
But what do I know..I am just the mom....They just pat me on the head and go on...LOL
Going out to Kel's for lunch, taking sewing machine and making curtains for Nathans room, putting in a zipper for some shorts she has. Then grocery shopping, back here to finish up cleaning , clothes washing, and getting house straightened up for Ty to come over to spend the night.
My oh My I live an exciting life.....but its all good...
Eric and I were talking last night....He was saying..."Just when I get ahead and things start to looking like we are going to be able to have something...Shit like this happens" (meaning the car getting broke into and damaged)....I was just listening..
Then he straightens up at the end of the table and says..."But ya know Marietta, normally at the end of a job like in Memphis...I don't have another one to go to...This time I do..."
"The fucking car is paid I do have the money in the bank to get it fixed to sell..."
"I'm getting married ( he smiled way big at that) and I have a healthy son, all my bills are paid and then some...I have it good."
"Lots of people I know don't. They don't even have half of what I have" ( or something like that...there I think he was talking about his parents , maybe not..but..)
26 and smarter than most people my age.
I love him.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi Megan :-)
Your very sweet to add me to your follows..( is that a word? )
I can't imagine why, lol, but thanks.
Not much really to read on my blog, mainly my rambling ~ much ado about nothing.
LOL..sometimes just to see if Amber, my oldest, reads it.
My heart and prayers go out to Jon and all of you.
It is..pure times...just the knowing ...someone you love is going thru anything, much less an illness, you can't do anything about.
I could tick off my experiences, losses and wins, but hey ..this isn't about me now is it?
I wished I could offer up, words of wisdom, solace, comfort, insipiration, joy, something....but alas...I don't have the gift you do.
Know tho..that you are thought of and prayed for daily.
And for what it's worth...forcryingoutloud...DON'T ever change your writing or your style...unless , lol, to get better!!
You are Great!

See I did make something... :-)
It's a pin cushion ..
..yes it is
With space in the center to put ...stuff...suposed to be able to anyway..
It's not exactly like the one in the book "Seams To Me" by Anna Maria Horner...'s close :-)
uhmmm..think I might have uh well overstuffed it ha!

Quilt Squares and Fabric. No idea how old they are, recieved them from mil many years ago. They are hand sewed quilt squares her mother did, and fabric she herself had cut out to start a quilt. 5 divide the fabric make something...

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!! Weather, family, food, all perfect!
I think Ty wore his mother out just a bit..ha!
I only wished it could have last another week :-)
Didn't get to see Randi, but today they take their engagement pictures. Hopefully I will get to see them later today.
ERIC IS HOME!! yipeeeeeee
I know Amber and Ty are happy campers!
JB goes for his interview tomorrow.
Don't ask me..I don't know how I feel.
Sewing....Why am I avoiding it?
I did however make that pin cushion in
Anna Maria Horner's book..Seems To Me.
It turned out..good...maybe not exactly like it was suposed to..LOL..but ok.
NOW I just need to use it
Ok off to start my day, I have a list a mile long already.
I think I lose these lists on purpose accidently sometimes.
sheesh...Now that didn't really make any sense did it?
I don't oft times...and who really cares??
And I might ought to pay more attention to my bog site here..or whatever its called..I noticed I had another follower...
lmao..knowing me...I cliked something or the other and I am now following myself....ha...
Will have to check it out one day this week to see...
Be blessed!!
and.. try and be good...If however you can't be good... least be good at it :-))

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's the weekend!! Yipee.
Trigger's eye is better.
Ran and Dusty are susposed to take engagement pics on Monday
If....he's still breathing by then...ha
Told her earlier..they seem like they have some 'issues' to clear up before October
Eric is coming home...WHOOHOOO
happy happy days for Amber and Ty
Violet Lyn is here and beautiful
Wedding plans are progressing
A/C in truck fixed
Not so in house...good thing this last small cool front blew in
I can understand JB not wanting to pay good money for junk...
it gets HOT here in south texas and freaking stays that way
I've a mind to move Lil Dude in here with his MeMe for a bit and see if I can't incorporate some of the things I think we need here...with JB's blithly throwing around his checkbook all the while telling me...Go buy the boy this...He needs that...
Hell Ty is 9 months old...forcryingoutloud..He does not need all that stuff!!!
HIS GRANDMOTHER on the other hand NEEDS a/c in the
ha..when Jimmy and I argue about the temp in the house...I try and try and try and tell him....You reallllllyyyyy really don't want to live with a pre-menapausal non climate controlled me :-)
I sometimes thinks he wants to respond...I don't much want to be living with you anyway...haha
He does however, the majority of the time, Keep quite
Is a good thing once again...only Rae reads these crazy ramblings of mine...otherwise, I can almost hear it now...Wow this woman is nuts! oh well...
Ok, time to get my ass in gear for the lease...looks like several are going to come out. It will be nice to just hang out, lie in the hammock, good eats, good company, a bonfire tonight.
I am sooooooooooooooooooo BLESSED.