Monday, April 12, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!! Weather, family, food, all perfect!
I think Ty wore his mother out just a bit..ha!
I only wished it could have last another week :-)
Didn't get to see Randi, but today they take their engagement pictures. Hopefully I will get to see them later today.
ERIC IS HOME!! yipeeeeeee
I know Amber and Ty are happy campers!
JB goes for his interview tomorrow.
Don't ask me..I don't know how I feel.
Sewing....Why am I avoiding it?
I did however make that pin cushion in
Anna Maria Horner's book..Seems To Me.
It turned out..good...maybe not exactly like it was suposed to..LOL..but ok.
NOW I just need to use it
Ok off to start my day, I have a list a mile long already.
I think I lose these lists on purpose accidently sometimes.
sheesh...Now that didn't really make any sense did it?
I don't oft times...and who really cares??
And I might ought to pay more attention to my bog site here..or whatever its called..I noticed I had another follower...
lmao..knowing me...I cliked something or the other and I am now following myself....ha...
Will have to check it out one day this week to see...
Be blessed!!
and.. try and be good...If however you can't be good... least be good at it :-))

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