Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's the weekend!! Yipee.
Trigger's eye is better.
Ran and Dusty are susposed to take engagement pics on Monday
If....he's still breathing by then...ha
Told her earlier..they seem like they have some 'issues' to clear up before October
Eric is coming home...WHOOHOOO
happy happy days for Amber and Ty
Violet Lyn is here and beautiful
Wedding plans are progressing
A/C in truck fixed
Not so in house...good thing this last small cool front blew in
I can understand JB not wanting to pay good money for junk...
it gets HOT here in south texas and freaking stays that way
I've a mind to move Lil Dude in here with his MeMe for a bit and see if I can't incorporate some of the things I think we need here...with JB's blithly throwing around his checkbook all the while telling me...Go buy the boy this...He needs that...
Hell Ty is 9 months old...forcryingoutloud..He does not need all that stuff!!!
HIS GRANDMOTHER on the other hand NEEDS a/c in the
ha..when Jimmy and I argue about the temp in the house...I try and try and try and tell him....You reallllllyyyyy really don't want to live with a pre-menapausal non climate controlled me :-)
I sometimes thinks he wants to respond...I don't much want to be living with you anyway...haha
He does however, the majority of the time, Keep quite
Is a good thing once again...only Rae reads these crazy ramblings of mine...otherwise, I can almost hear it now...Wow this woman is nuts! oh well...
Ok, time to get my ass in gear for the lease...looks like several are going to come out. It will be nice to just hang out, lie in the hammock, good eats, good company, a bonfire tonight.
I am sooooooooooooooooooo BLESSED.

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  1. Ty is my child and cannot move in with you --- just to remind you once again!!