Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a good day Tuesday! Watched Ty most of the day, and evening, He is such a joy!!
Randi got her wedding dress! is really pretty, haven't seen her in it..But if she likes it, and thinks she looks good in it..Then she will, and she will be stunning. Both of them will be...
Amber let her dad and I hear the songs they will be playing during the ceremony and for things afterwards...I was bawling on one of them...Gracious if I am going to be boohooing in my living room, I won't make it thru nothing come the day of the wedding....sheeesh!!
OHOHOHOHOH...AND I won another Doodle from A Creative Dream, my fav blog.
How cool is that?????? I love these
I was wondering how I could somehow make them into a quilt design or something with fabric...and asked her..she gave me a really neat idea...Hopefully I can do it..or at least try.
I wanted to try and print the designs of the ones I won on fabric and make something out of it...But the duribility(sp?) of printed fabric ..or rather the fading or running of the color is something that needs to be kept in mind..
LOL I sound like I am typing a manual or how to...ha
A bag, purse?...hmmmm
So many ideas...
Hopefully.....BUT NOT HOLDING MY computer won't crash again...or rather
if it will boot up...
It's just a matter of time...I will have to buy a new one... many many other things I have to do first...A computer and the internet are great..wonderful...But..not high on my priority well
So I will just look at it this way...If computer does crash and burn...
1)I will cancel DSL and 2nd fone line..No telling how much money right there that will save me :-)
Help me save faster for the computer...See it's all good...I am a Lemonade Maker Queen!!!!!!
2)I will walk or ride my bike more...loose weight...see it gets better
3) Go the to Amber's if I need to use the computer, Get to see her and Ty McCoy more ...IF she doesnt move and not tell me where to when she reads this...lmao!!
It's all gonna be ok..No matter what...
Everyone I love ok...maybe not great..But they will be ...and all are Healthy
I can't ask for a more Blessed life!!
There is only one thing that would make all this perfect....
ERIC TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...and I would kinda sorta wish for Tammy to live closer...but her and his families would drive them outa their
lol..Something just occured to me...
Of all the blogs I've read, the ones I follow..etc
They all have some purpose...idea...focus...instructional..tutorials..etc...
Not just ramble on and on about ..mostly nothing...
I think I am journaling..not blogging...Whatever...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. Wonderful, my Sunshine is home!!
AND, he really doesn't sleep, POOR AMBER!!
Well he sleeps...But but like 30 minutes out of 10 hrs?????
Thats not very long at all for a 9 month old. At night he might sleep a bit longer stretches..but still....
I think he's just too busy
Rae was alot like that..but at least she took longer naps during the day until she was about a year old.
It's been a long week workwise ...AND still need to finish up the pew sheets for Sunday, and am REALLY BEHIND on getting the ones started for Easter Sunday and with the Baptisms and Confirmations and the Bishops comeing...ARGH!!!!!!
And..oh at my calender I allready have something planned for Monday, Thursday and Friday....And in between I HAVE to see Ty McCoy :-)
I just really don't have time for work...It so interferes with my running around.
And yes I am a nut case at times.......
BUT...I want to live in my life, experience it, embrace it, Not just exist.
I like down time don't get me wrong...and a few things and what-nots...'s the people in my life I want to be with, around, enjoy.
You only get one life, live it wisely.
It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Amber's on her way home..Last I heard from her, tire was fixed and she was in Texas on her way to The Lake, where Randi and Dustin are.
Jimmy is an jerk, Randi is a , well acts like one to me. Amber gets put out with me, Tammy is only one who loves me
I don't know WTF I do to annoy them so damn much
Oh well at least Amber left her oomputer with Eric (he loves me to, and if I annoy him at least he is polite enough not to let me know or be mean to me abou it)
So Eric can skype with Ty.
Going to plant some more stuff tomorrow, some in those two pots at Amber's
Need to get to bed..get some rest
Grandson is coming his MeMe can watch him his mom can sleep...HA

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday night and the cold front that blew in..was...COLD...who would have thought? But really only a couple more weeks of really nice weather..then..the hot humid southern coastal
Went to visit Kelley , Dene was there and we went out to eat. Food good, Visit Great!
Going shopping with Lanita tomorrow, up Sugarland way. Always nice to be with her, anytime.
Got to talk to Amber a couple of times and My boy too, Amber said he said. 'MeMe'...I think he said it over the fone but couldn't really tell..Can't wait to see him in person again... AND hear him
Read the lastest "It's Cherry Pie" blog of Megan's (The Bitchy Stitcher)
she pretty much leaves me speechless, lol..which is a feat..ha
First started reading her..because of her humor...Kept reading her cuz she was good, fun, funny....and fodder for thought..
Loved the couple of articles of hers in Quilters Home (think thats the name of it), Liked the mag at first..was going to subscribe to it..But something changed..The format or editor..something..Don't like it as well as at first..Her stuff..yes...
She found out her brother was sick, started a blog about it...about his illness, their relationship, a visit she had with him..
All this on the heels of Dad passing, dredging up Mom's going....
Life is just too damn short, don't ya know?
I waste too much damn time on the computer...on doing nothing....on just passing time...waiting on the next event to come along to participate...
I used to not be like this..
Wonder WTF happened?
lol ...was talking about doing something before Eric and Amber left for Miss/Tenn
going dancing or something...I said yeah I'll go.....later on it was ....Maybe...
Amber said something like..Yeah..thats Mom.....all talk....
she's right you know...I don't like it...Didn't like her too much for awhile after she said that, nevertheless....
Was I going anywhere with all this....I think so ..But at this point I can't remember what the hell it was...ha...
More than likely it was Megans blog....We are all on a journey...Thru somewhere, something, to live, to die....
Whatever it is...Wherever it is...We need to make it count
And along the way...Love well, good and true, Enjoy what you can, Shoulder the rest, Say thank you, Be appreciative, Rest when you can, Skip and dance thru your days the rest of the time,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Amber said she was coming home this weekend
Will say prayers for her safe travel
Have to meet Randi this morning She is getting her windsheild fixed
And Randi is going to the Lake this weekend...
Prayers for her safe traveling also
Reg Friday Stuff after that
Have to go into work
All my plants planted
Most of my seeds
Am going to get that pot from Ambers back yard and plant something in it
Maybe in the front of the house too..
I wonder if i can take a cutting off her plant back there and it would grow here?...Hmmm...knowing me won't have any luck should just buy whole new plant
Good thing, even Amber doesn't read this ..much less anyone else...
Damn I am boring..ha

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So I checked on Randi, No attacking far..
I hear the wedding shower is on again...
AFTER someone so adamantly declared NO SHOWER...
thru a series of emails back and forth with Lanita..
Here is something from one of her last ones....LOL
**Tell them an alarm system is only about $39/month. Crystal and Marc have one, but they keep the alarm turned off because the roommate cones in at odd hours and it is just too much of a hassel to remember the code, etc. So the last time Marc was out of town, Crystal called the police because she heard "someone" come in and the dogs were barking and acting scared. She called Marc and the police - Marc called the roommate because Crystal didn't know where he was. Turns out, the roommate was in the kitchen making a sandwich and he was the "someone" she had heard.**
We miss our Grandson
We miss Amber
We miss Eric
I really really need to get to making baby quilts, got Justins invite in the mail today
Filled out the Census....Called Randi told her to fill out A & E's with her living there, cuz don't think they will be home before it's susposed to be mailed.
Well it's 10 pm and Ran has not called Yet...
In case she does get to sleeping...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The weeks has gone by fast.
So fast that, tpg, ie...Ty McCoy...In one week since he's been gone..has learned to walk and cut 3 teeth.
lol too funny!!
I can't help but keep watching the Video Amber sent of him walking back and forth to her and cute!!
Went to see Brandi and Lauren last night..took her dinner..we visited, watched a little TV, Lauren and I showed each other stuff we do on the computer. All's well.
It's a beautiful day outside today...going to get up off this computer and go see what I can get into.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hmm...I didn't accomplish much yesterday. Well around the house yes..But out in the big ole world..nah..
Oh well....I blame it on the weather..yeah that's it.
I wished I was/were (which one? mayhaps is why I am not a an interesting sort, had a somewhat exciting life and times, something to actually blog about.
But then one to what's the diff?
Well there is ALOT I could journal about..hmm..but I guess that might be the difference..tween ...blogging and journaling...One would be for my personal insight, venting, soul searching, etc. Blogging would be for ..just out there, for anyone who came across it.
I oft times don't make much sense to myself.
JB seems to be feeling better this morning....hope so at least.
I am continuing my list of needs/wants/desires, that I started at the beginning of the year.
I am learning alot about myself.
And, daily, am rearranging
Reality, Priorities all come into play.
I started a bucket list also :-)
For some reason this list is a struggle for me.
My practical side keeps slashing thru the things I list.
Is it my "sense of failure" don't want to try for something and end up failing or not achieving?
Is it "I KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" so why bother?
I think that might be the same as
Whatever my problem is...I only have one thing as of now on my bucket list.
I am 46 years would think..or at least I would..that I would have more things on there than that...even if simple ones.
Am thinking as I thinking..scary huh A?
Anyway..thinking....maybe before Ty was born and the girls started planning their weddings...I might have had several things on my list.......But then again..those are their achievements...not mine?
Whatever...I am giving myself a headache.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!!!!! I can't believe it. From A Creative Dream a blog I follow. I don't know how to add link heres a cut and paste..
Very cool site, Very talented and creative woman. I dont't think I can post a pic of what I won..But.. I love it. She calls it a doodle.
Ok, the day is getting away from me here, Things to do, Miles to travel!
~~ps~~ I doubt I will ever get the hang of this blogging ...but like the ant, train, chicken, whatever...Keep on ..Keeping on... :-)

Ain't she cute!!

I obviously don't know how to work this blog thing....
I miss Amber, I missed Amber the minute she hugged me in the drive way and said, I'm goin to miss you.
About tackled her to the ground, tied her up.
I can't imagine what it would be like if they were actually MOVING away someplace
It's monday, blah. It's overcast, gloomy, blah.
Already making lists of things to do today, blah.
Picked Ran up last night, no problems.
Miss the little dude allready.
Jimmy sick again last night, throwing up, not feeling worth a shit.
Asked if he wanted me get Dr. appt, he said no.
Hope he gets to feeling better.
Bills to pay, quilts to sew, call Quintana about deposit for pavalion, ..seeeeeee even making lists here..grrrrrr.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I think I need help on this whole blogging thing...I can't figure out how to make my page look like I want it to. And get my pictures where/how I want them, and captions underneath, and , and , and.....!!!! Oh well, try and try again. One day, hopefully I will get this all worked out.

So she really took him!!! Yep..had to let her I guess.. sigh...He was missing his Daddy, His Daddy was missing him. Grandmothers at this point don't count! Amber and Ty McCoy, aka the perfect grandson, Left with Aunt Randi to drive to Memphis, where Eric is working/staying. They, Amber and Ty, will be gone for the next 5-6 weeks. Aunt Randi of course will fly back home today, yikes almost forgot I've to pick her up at the airport tonight. Would not that have gotten me seriously marked off the wedding invite list...LOL.
It is going to be very sad and lonely around here until Little Dude gets back, (do I sound pitiful enough Amber? hell..fine..). Just keep reminding Randi to take pity on me..and to be sweet and call me and all.