Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hmm...I didn't accomplish much yesterday. Well around the house yes..But out in the big ole world..nah..
Oh well....I blame it on the weather..yeah that's it.
I wished I was/were (which one? mayhaps is why I am not a writer..lol) an interesting sort, had a somewhat exciting life and times, something to actually blog about.
But then again..lol..no one to read..so what's the diff?
Well there is ALOT I could journal about..hmm..but I guess that might be the difference..tween ...blogging and journaling...One would be for my personal insight, venting, soul searching, etc. Blogging would be for ..just out there, for anyone who came across it.
I oft times don't make much sense to myself.
JB seems to be feeling better this morning....hope so at least.
I am continuing my list of needs/wants/desires, that I started at the beginning of the year.
I am learning alot about myself.
And, daily, am rearranging it..lol.
Reality, Priorities all come into play.
I started a bucket list also :-)
For some reason this list is a struggle for me.
My practical side keeps slashing thru the things I list.
Is it my "sense of failure"..ie..I don't want to try for something and end up failing or not achieving?
Is it "I KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" so why bother?
I think that might be the same as above..lol
Whatever my problem is...I only have one thing as of now on my bucket list.
I am 46 years old..you would think..or at least I would..that I would have more things on there than that...even if simple ones.
Am thinking as I type...me thinking..scary huh A?
Anyway..thinking....maybe before Ty was born and the girls started planning their weddings...I might have had several things on my list.......But then again..those are their achievements...not mine?
Whatever...I am giving myself a headache.

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