Monday, March 22, 2010

Amber's on her way home..Last I heard from her, tire was fixed and she was in Texas on her way to The Lake, where Randi and Dustin are.
Jimmy is an jerk, Randi is a , well acts like one to me. Amber gets put out with me, Tammy is only one who loves me
I don't know WTF I do to annoy them so damn much
Oh well at least Amber left her oomputer with Eric (he loves me to, and if I annoy him at least he is polite enough not to let me know or be mean to me abou it)
So Eric can skype with Ty.
Going to plant some more stuff tomorrow, some in those two pots at Amber's
Need to get to bed..get some rest
Grandson is coming his MeMe can watch him his mom can sleep...HA

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