Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. Wonderful, my Sunshine is home!!
AND, he really doesn't sleep, POOR AMBER!!
Well he sleeps...But but like 30 minutes out of 10 hrs?????
Thats not very long at all for a 9 month old. At night he might sleep a bit longer stretches..but still....
I think he's just too busy
Rae was alot like that..but at least she took longer naps during the day until she was about a year old.
It's been a long week workwise ...AND still need to finish up the pew sheets for Sunday, and am REALLY BEHIND on getting the ones started for Easter Sunday and with the Baptisms and Confirmations and the Bishops comeing...ARGH!!!!!!
And..oh at my calender I allready have something planned for Monday, Thursday and Friday....And in between I HAVE to see Ty McCoy :-)
I just really don't have time for work...It so interferes with my running around.
And yes I am a nut case at times.......
BUT...I want to live in my life, experience it, embrace it, Not just exist.
I like down time don't get me wrong...and a few things and what-nots...'s the people in my life I want to be with, around, enjoy.
You only get one life, live it wisely.
It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.

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