Sunday, April 18, 2010

I wished it was....less time consuming to upload pics from camera to computer. It's easy..simple..Just takes to dang long for me...grrrrrrrr.
ah well..
Kids Durango, they were trying to sell to buy new vehicle, got broke into yesterday....some idiot trying to steal it.
Hopefully won't take too much or to long to fix and sell. AND they get loan on Monday for new vehicle. It's always something.
Had a great time with Ran on saturday shopping for a chest.
Found this really cool old steamer trunk at an estate sale...should have taken pics...Would have bought it , ...mayhaps is why they were trying to sell it.
Randi's a
She is so wasted at her current job...and I think what she has decided to go to school aint her either...
But what do I know..I am just the mom....They just pat me on the head and go on...LOL
Going out to Kel's for lunch, taking sewing machine and making curtains for Nathans room, putting in a zipper for some shorts she has. Then grocery shopping, back here to finish up cleaning , clothes washing, and getting house straightened up for Ty to come over to spend the night.
My oh My I live an exciting life.....but its all good...
Eric and I were talking last night....He was saying..."Just when I get ahead and things start to looking like we are going to be able to have something...Shit like this happens" (meaning the car getting broke into and damaged)....I was just listening..
Then he straightens up at the end of the table and says..."But ya know Marietta, normally at the end of a job like in Memphis...I don't have another one to go to...This time I do..."
"The fucking car is paid I do have the money in the bank to get it fixed to sell..."
"I'm getting married ( he smiled way big at that) and I have a healthy son, all my bills are paid and then some...I have it good."
"Lots of people I know don't. They don't even have half of what I have" ( or something like that...there I think he was talking about his parents , maybe not..but..)
26 and smarter than most people my age.
I love him.

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