Monday, May 3, 2010

My computer crashed and died....going on the third week now...
I am learning to live without it tho...not as hard as I thought it would be.
I have access to a couple of computers..1/work..which suks big time as the internet is dial up...2/Amber's...but who wants to get on the computer when Ty is there and awake? (and its a lap top and i am too used to larger keyboard and ext mouse makes it difficult----as i sit here typing on JB's work lap top..which is making me eye twitch with all the freaking backspacing!!!!) 3/ lanita's and trish's...and altho i really appreciate the offer of theirs...i do however feel kinda weird about it...might have to breakdown tho and accept offer at some point
Identity being stolen and cleaning out bank account...FUCKINGSUKS....
almost got all the bank stuff sorted out
filed policed report
trying to see what to do with Telecheck and The Attorney Generals office....ha..which they both say...Go online to our site and download forms
ARGH!!!!! what do people do who dont have computers? or Access to one???
I love the information's the same as when the girls were in High School and we didn't have a computer....
And Everything it seemed ,....was ..Go Online..
They either had to do it at school...go to a friends..
or if they wanted to type a report ..up to my office...
Somethings not right ....
And...hmm...going to cost $670something to get JB's truck fixed
Not going to get my cap replaced for my **Front tooth** before Amber's wedding...Just have to remember to either duck out of ALL pictures or not smile real big..
Not going to get new glasses...I could have..and prolly had them by the wedding..but. one thing or the other..then the comp..etc..etc..etc
Freaking etc's...haha
What else?
damn isn't that enough?
well yes...and am sure I am leaving stuff out...
OMG..I am typing to myself and answering
I need help..or a strong drink...or something
OK bitch whine and moan session is over
I have the perfect grandson, wonderful daughters..fantastic son-in-law and great almost son-in-law, A good man, a roof , food, electric, water, a vehicle that runs..It's ALL Good :-)

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