Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok the countdown to the wedding is here
Hope we all survive
I know we will
It is just going to be LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG week
A good one..But long
I think the reason for me....Is all this identity theft crap
It is becoming sooo overwhelming
and getting to me
But...I am not going to let that or that fucking bitch or whoever did this...
Screw me over twice!!!!!
Onward and Upward...or someshit like that ha
(and OMG she offered to let me have...HAVE give it to me... I was such in shock I didn't even respond)
appreciate and am thankful for the use/loan of Randi's laptop
I can't type on it worth a damn.... getting better...But...grrrrrr...
Ok to make a difference
or screw something up
at least I am doing something

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