Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 days after I finally acquire a new son-in-law he has to leave town for a job!
Poor Amber in more ways than him just leaving.
Ty likes his daddy..I mean REALLY likes his daddy.
AND he's cutting teeth!
she's gonna need ...something....lol
He didn't grandma much time to rest up either...HA
I have soooooo many baby quits to make...
I have all the material...just not anytime!!!
No..correct that...I have time, I would just rather be spending it with Ty, Amber, Eric, Randi, Dustin.
It will get done...It always does :-)
I loveeeeeeeeee my haircut from Heather!!!!!!
I don't know why I bother going to anyone else.
lol..even when I don't like how she fixes it(which this I did, I will never be able to recreate it)
Dr. Appt in am
Funeral in afternoon
Ty coming in the evening to spend the night
Amber leaving Thursday for Louisiana
Need to hook up with Randi
I'm still tired..Probably just earache
nite nite

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