Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas came....It was wonderful! The New Year slid into place...It was Grand! (do ppl talk like that?.. more-n likely not) oh well...The g-son is still perfect...The last two weeks of 2009 at 6 months he learned to roll over by himself, sit up, cut a tooth and crawl!!!!

When he gets ready to do something..seems he is just going to go for it all! He has the perfect mom..and the almost perfect dad...(when the almost son-in-law marries the daughter, we will eliminate the almost...HA).

I have acquired ( acquired? my choice of words oft times confuckles even me) another almost son-in-law , when on Christmas day he (#2 asil, ) asked her father (known as Poppy these days) to marry his precious princess daughter.

Poppy allows he asked the boy (they are boys to us until 1. they marry the daughters or 2. give us grandchildren with the daughters) ..."Think you can handle her?" ole Pop never said what the boys response they must have hashed it all out and sometime in the future when #2 comes up with a ring..I guess he will be asking the daughter to marry him.

We hope. We like this one.

I do have to ponder tho....Why do the boys ask the fathers? Why isn't there any asking of the mothers? The ones who birthed, raised, cleaned, worried, lost sleep, lost brain cells, sprouted (overnight no less) gray hair, wanted to pack her bags and leave home during the "suk the very life right out of you, it's a bad week to give up crack, pass me the bottle, I don't know who has lost their everlovingfreaking mind today", teen years.

Why i ask. Why arent't (the word is not in the dictionary, therefore not a word, so I can spell it like I want to) the mothers asked?

Is everyone too afraid...1. We will (after finally surviving having raised precious girl child) we will collapse in a fit of emotionalness ( is that even a word?) and rant about not ever being able to bear being parted from pgc? 2. We will snatch poor unsuspecting suitor off his feet, thrust cash we have been saving for such an opp, hog tie pgc to him and wish them merrily on their way???

Who knows?

I do know I was going to "borrow" an idea I read on 2 other blogs Taking on the Aughts / Noodles and You Aught-a Know / The Bitchy Stitcher ~~ hey if your going to ste...uhmm.."borrow" ideas, stuff...whatever...Ya need to give credit from whence it came, about 10 greatest milestones and/or achievements of the last decade.

But as I was working on formulating my list, it just kept reading as a list of accomplishments, endeavors, praise reports, successes, etc for the daughters. It occurred to me I've not had any great achievements in the last decade.

Sad. Pathetic. Damn Downright Depressing.

I could make some shit up however..? Nah that would just be worse.

Ahh well, mayhaps the next decade will bring great achievements (1. an achieving 2. a thing achieved; feat; exploit: ** Feat~ a deed of unusual daring or skill: ** Exploit ~ a daring act; bold deed.) Hmmmmm....We shall see

As for now...The hubby is sick..and on call..and Yes..he got a call out after midnight!!..... has to drive 2 hrs just to get to the job site for the call out...grrrrr.....the New Year is here!!!

Everything aside I am soooo Very Blessed with my life, my husband, my daughters, my grandson, my almost sil's, my family, my friends. I couldn't possibly ask for anything more...unless ..well maybe... a Feat or Exploit might happen to cross my path, and I can have at least one......milestone/achievement for the next decade.

:-) Keep smiling it makes em wonder what you been up to!

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