Sunday, December 13, 2009

5 am ramblings

So, christmas is almost here! Where has the year gone?....It's been eventful. I can't really remember how it started out.. the year I mean, but before I knew it..I had a daughter who was about WHERE had the time gone?...sheesh.
Not only was I the mother of a quarter of a century person!...Her and the almost-son-in-law aka Eric were about to Bless us with a grandchild sometime in the summer..WOW
Are they ready, prepared, etc, etc,.....Wait...forget them...Was I prepared? Weren't I too young to be a grandma?, Didn't I still have things to accomplish? Ok girl take a's not about you, keep calm, no sweat, you know your gonna like this grandma stuff. I think it all just took my breath away... My baby....having a baby....Sureal.
Ok reading over the above , this isn't what I had started out to write about..but i guess the fingers and keyboard had a different
More later..hopefully........

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