Friday, January 22, 2010

As much as I like to rambling and write I can't believe I haven't spent more time blogging than I have. Mayhaps it's something to do with the fact the only person whom I know will be reading it is Amber and I know she gets tired of my rambling anyhow. And yes this is just for me so why not just write away...well I've thought about that and once again the only person reading it is Amber and I'm thinking I don't want her to know what a really damn nut I am..not that she doesn't suspect but there ya go...and yet here we are!! I sooooooo love my sister and that line of hers!!!
Us girls are starting up the get-together again YIPEE...I really did enjoy the couple of times we got together last year. Am not to crazy about the guys joining us this month...I can't decide why tho...But it will be nice.
We have an engagement and new baby to be blessed and thankful for. two upcoming weddings, and everyones healthy, Andrew doing good at his new school, hopefully someone staying away and being quit of arseholes, birthdays, and I could go on and on and on!!
Rae and I started a list of all the youngens we know who are expecting this year!!!
Last fall was a busy busy busy month...LOL.
Thinking Amber started the trend last year and of course theres the Fair and the cool weather...too funny!
Lets see.....
Heather/Tom ; Justin/Kayla ; Lyss/Chris ; Crystal/Mark ; Brandi/Chuck ; Timmy/Andrea ; Dallas/Stevan ; Kevin/Tiffany
One due last of March first of April...all the others starting from June 8th to the first of September!
Lots of baby showers, Amber..maybe not me..ha.
For me this year...
Buy new a/c
BOTH daughters weddings
5 !! at least baby quilts
4 baby showers
celebrate 29 years of marriage
celebrate (ugh!) turning..oh hell, what is it now?, after turning 40..who cares anymore!!...I think its 47...
hubby turning 50
and the best for last
A 1st BIRTHDAY FOR TY MCCOY !!!!!!!!!!!

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