Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's this ...woman, Chicky, blogger, author, comedian, quilter, mother, wife, sister, daughter...and In her words ""I'm a mom, an editor, a writer and lousy quilter. I also write a regular humor column for Quilters Home magazine."" that I read her blog(s) and when they come out, her QH columns, regularly.
Why?...first cuz she funny as hell..lol.
Second, it's , interesting, thought provoking, a good read, reflective...
Third, I always, always wanted to be a writer...so those that can't..read those that do..and she does it well.
Oh don't get me wrong...I can write all kinds of drivel, random rambling crap, ha, Just getting it into some format, straight path were it's readable and has some fricking point...well...that's where I tend to jack things up.
I think one (of the many) things that fascinates me about her...[for lack of a better way to put this] is her styles of writing. 2 different blogs, one humor column, and altho somewhat alike (?) really different. I know they are different because of the content, where, why..etc. But still, it is...and isn't like 3 different people. One racy funny...love it!..One mildly sarcastic, ironic, way funny. One soulful, heart rendering, open, on the edge.
Whatever it is about her..She has my...Applause, Appreciation and Admiration. ha..AAA ~ no pun intended!
See I am really inept as a blogger, oh I have the want to..believe me...Just lacking the skills for it..HA!!

**every time I walk in the kitchen I want to cut the watermelon.. should have done so when Ran was here, but didn't think about it
**am happy for the job security E has for right now....BUT...will be hard getting around the reality that we won't be able to see and watch Ty grow as much as we thought we would. A bit depressing for JB and I is putting it mildly. Not to mention, missing A & E very very much!! But it's all good.
**HELP..lol..I have done the calender for church ...Now am working on the newsletter...SHEESH!!!! If I only had some program, template, something I could just drop articles in (If these ppl will even give me something to work with...SEE here is another dilemma I am facing...I AM NOT...I repeat NOT a skilled writer....that I can just nilly willy come up with all these freaking columns and articles for the damn newsletter!!!) Fact , stats and info..yessss. Graphics/Clip art yes. And me and Word, we are not friends. Giving myself a crash course in it...is ...making my eye twitch and giving me headaches! Thinking this is in His overall plan....Dropping this all in my lap, give me something to occupy my time whilst my treacherous son-in-law lures my daughter and grandson off across state lines!!!!!
***I am seriously whacked....it's 4:33 am ..what do you expect?

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