Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anna Rose arrived yesterday!  7.7 lbs, 20.5'' @ 7:51 am.   Alyssa (of Yankee Cookie fame) is doing well.  And yet again I am not finished with baby quilt!! Oh well.  I am however working on it. Have all the blocks done...just piecing it together trying to make the name fit it with the blocks. I will eventually get there. Will post some pics when done..

Mr Ty McCoy and his moma and daddy will be home this weekend!!! WHHOOHHOOOO!!!! lol
Do you think she would notice if he came up missing when it was time for her to go back to La?


  1. I don't know what is sweeter! Little Anna Rose or the quilt you are making for her! Well Anna Rose is just going to have to win this one! Quilt is going to be cute!